Ambroise Lambert Research Interests

Research Motto: One single cell to rule them all, and in the darkness blind them with lasers. (secondary motto: to be in shape or not to be, that is the question... is it ?)

We aim to understand population cell heterogeneity and relevance in microenvironment-cell interactions during epithelial to mesenchymal transitions. Epithelial to mesenchymal transition is a shift in cell morphology, molecular biology associated with developmental process, tissue regeneration and cancer. We use interdisciplinary approach aiming at an integrative understanding of the model of ovarian cancer cell physiology within their microenvironment. We do imaging of tumor morphological dynamics combining superresolution microscopy and quantitative biology. We use microscopy modalities in combination with genetic tools and targeted perturbation to tune cell-microenvironment interactions. We seek to apply the knowledge gain in fundamental cell biology, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and cancer drug development.

Ambroise Lambert is leading his own research in the laboratory of Cell-Microenvironment Relationship:

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We are always looking for talented, self-motivated students, inspired researchers from all backgrounds from biophysics to cell biology and computer science, for enquiry please contact Ambroise Lambert (contacts below)

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Recent publications

Constriction Rate Modulation Can Drive Cell Size Control and Homeostasis in C. crescentus

A Lambert, A Vanhecke, A Archetti, S Holden, F Schaber, Z Pincus, …iScience 4, 180-189

Super-resolution imaging of multiple cells by optimized flat-field epi-illumination

KM Douglass, C Sieben, A Archetti, A Lambert, S Manley

Nature photonics 10 (11), 705

FlaA proteins in Leptospira interrogans are essential for motility and virulence, but not required for the formation of flagella sheath

A Lambert, M Picardeau, DA Haake, RW Sermswan, A Srikram, B Adler, …

Infection and immunity, IAI. 00131-12

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