Ongoing Research Projects and News

Projects are focused to design dynamic perturbation of microenvironment-cell interactions

Our ongoing projects are at the cross-roads of physics-biology interface, biochemistry, quantitative biology and genetic.

AcouCell: Design of acoustic perturbation at the single cell scale

MEC-I: MicroEnvironment Cell Interactions

TIC-TOC: Tuning Integrin Cellular Trafficking in Ovarian Cancer

Modulo-EMT: Modulation Tool of Epithial to Mesenchymal Transition

Ph.D Opening on Modulo-EMT to apply please contact Ambroise by mail (filled) Congrats and wellcome @Alphonse Boché (

Looking for a post-doc we have funding opportunities please contact us if you are interested in imaging microenvironment and cell heterogeneity (

More news coming soon...

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